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Heritage Guitars Trade Up

We've teamed up with vintage and pre-loved guitar experts, Well Played Gear, to offer an exclusive trade up experience. Customers who purchase Heritage Ascent Collection guitars from Dawsons have the opportunity to trade their guitars in for US-made Heritage guitars. We will accept the Ascent Collection guitar at its full retail price as a trade up discount, offsetting the cost of a new US-made Heritage purchase.

What is a Heritage Guitars Trade Up?

Our trade up option allows you to trade in your pre-loved Heritage Ascent Collection guitar for a discount on a new order for a US-made Heritage guitar.

We are working with the vintage and pre-loved guitar specialists at Well Played Gear to assess and accept trade-ins.

What is the trade up process?


1. Connect with our sales and support team to discuss the Heritage Ascent Collection guitar you're interested in trading in along with the US-made Heritage guitar you are interested in trading for.

2. Our team will reach out to you to request photos of your guitar and proof of purchase. To expedite an accurate valuation, please provide a clear and well-lit set of photos showing:

  • A screenshot or photo of the original receipt for the purchase of your Heritage Ascent Collection guitar or the order number of your original purchase.
  • The instrument's front/top view
  • The back view
  • Side views
  • The headstock, neck, fingerboard, and any fret wear
  • The instrument's serial number
  • Any noticeable damage or significant wear and tear

3. Our team will evaluate your guitar and contact you to confirm the trade, our team will create an order for you with the discount applied.

4. Upon our confirmation, you can then proceed to bring your guitar down to any one of our stores, letting our friendly staff know that you are here to trade your guitar in and already have an order placed for your new US-made Heritage guitar.

5. Once we’ve received your guitar, we will ship your US-made Heritage guitar to you.


1. Bring your guitar and proof of purchase, such as a screenshot or photo of the original receipt for the purchase of your Heritage Ascent Collection guitar. Alternatively, you can provide a reference to your order number. Let our staff know you are there to trade in your guitar for a new US-made Heritage guitar.

2. Once we receive and assess your guitar, our staff will assist you in creating an order for your new US-made Heritage guitar with the discount applied.

What happens to my guitar once I trade it in?

Don’t worry, it will be well looked after. Your guitar will be received by the experts at Well Played Gear and will be resold on their channels.

How long does the trade up process take?

Once we receive your gear and confirm everything is in order, we will ship your order out. This process typically takes 1-2 working days.

Is trade up available in my country?

Trade up is only available in the country where you purchased your Heritage Ascent Collection guitar.

Can I trade up without a receipt?

Without a receipt or proof of purchase, we cannot proceed with the trade up.

How do I provide photos?

A member of our sales and support team will contact you to specify the types of photos we need. When ready, reply, attach your photos, and send them to us.

Can I ship my guitar to you?

Yes, you can ship your guitar to us. Please contact our sales and support team for instructions and guidance on shipping your guitar. Note that you will have to cover the shipping costs to us.

How do I know if my guitar qualifies for trade up?

Your guitar must be part of the Heritage Ascent Collection and must have been purchased from Dawsons.

How do I track the status of my trade up?

For online trade up approvals, our sales and support staff will get back to you during business hours. Once your gear has shipped, we will email you a tracking number.

What if there are issues with the guitar traded in?

If the item we receive does not match the description you provided in our online inquiry form, we may need to adjust our discount amount accordingly. We retain the right to retract our offer and decline any item at this stage.

How do I get extra help with my trade up?

Contact our sales engineers via the email in your order confirmation or email us.