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Trade In

We've teamed up with vintage and pre-loved guitar experts, Well Played Gear, to provide a seamless trade in experience. Swap your guitar for Dawsons store credit, a new purchase, or direct cash via bank transfer. We'll ensure you receive a prompt valuation quote and cover delivery fees.

What is a trade in?

Our trade in option enables you to part exchange your pre-loved guitar for Dawsons store credit, a new purchase or direct cash via bank transfer.

We are working with vintage and pre-loved guitar specialist Well Played Gear to assess and receive trade-ins.

What is the trade in process?

Connect with our sales and support team to discuss the guitar you're interested in trading in or selling.

Our team will reach out to you to request photos of your guitar. To expedite an accurate valuation, please provide a clear and well-lit set of photos showing:

  1. The instrument's front/top view
  2. The back view
  3. Side views
  4. The headstock, neck, fingerboard, and any fret wear
  5. The instrument's serial number (if available)
  6. Any noticeable damage or significant wear and tear

Our team will evaluate your guitar and contact you to confirm its trade-in value. If you accept the value offered, you can proceed to ship your gear to us. We can optionally provide a shipping box for £50. Don't worry; we've got the delivery costs covered!

Upon receiving your guitar, we'll verify its condition. If our assessment of value differs from our initial estimate, we will contact you to make sure you still want to trade it in. If you prefer, we will return your guitar to you. Please note there will be a fee of £12 associated with this service to cover packing and shipping costs.

Otherwise, depending on the option you have selected, you will receive one of the following:

  • Store credit equal to the agreed trade-in value
  • A discount equal to the agreed trade-in value
  • Cash in the form of a bank transfer equal to the agreed trade-in value

Please be aware of the terms and conditions related to store credit.

What happens to my guitar once I trade it in?

Don’t worry, it will be well looked after. Your guitar will be received by the experts at Well Played Gear and will be resold on their channels.

How long does the trade-in process take?

Once we’ve received your gear and have assessed that everything is in order, we will proceed with your chosen method of trade-in, which could be for your new gear, store credit, or a bank transfer. This process typically takes 1-2 working days.

Is trade in available in my country?

Trade in is only available in the UK.

Can I trade in without a receipt?

If for any reason you can’t provide a receipt, we will do our best to provide an accurate valuation of your guitar.

How do I provide photos?

One of our sales engineers will contact you via email and let you know what kind of photos we need of your guitar. When you’re ready, hit reply, attach your photos and send them to us via email.

How do I pack my guitar for trade in?

Once your purchase is confirmed, our sales engineer will promptly email you a shipping guide and a return label. If you require a shipping box, we can provide one for an additional £50, which will be subtracted from your trade-in value. Securely package your own gear, along with the returns label provided. Do also provide us with photos of both the product inside its case and the case within the shipping box before it is sealed.

How long do I have to send my guitar to you?

Please ship your guitar to us within one week of receiving the shipping label that we will provide. Shipping is free, and you can either take the guitar to a drop-off point or arrange for it to be collected by our courier.

How do I know if my guitar qualifies for trade in?

Thanks to our collaboration with Well Played Gear, we're open to accepting most guitars. However, there are a few conditions. The guitar should be in good shape, 100% functional, with no missing parts and must be fully operational. Currently, we only accept guitars and basses for trade-in.

How do I track the status of my trade-in?

For trade-in approvals, one of our sales engineers will get back to you during business hours. Once your gear has shipped, we will email you a tracking number.

Can I trade in at a store?

You can only trade in online for now.

What if the gear I want to purchase costs less than the trade-in value of my current gear? We will refund you the difference in value in the form of store credit.

Are there any products that you won't be able to take in?

We have certain product requirements for trade-ins to ensure that they align with our current objectives and quality standards. Unfortunately, we may deny trade-in requests for products not meeting these criteria. Please note that we are unable to accept instruments made with Brazilian rosewood due to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) requirements.

What if there are issues with the guitar traded in?

We will provide insurance coverage for your equipment upon its delivery to us. Please note that this insurance will not apply if your guitar is inadequately packed. To prevent this issue, we kindly request that you provide us with photos of both the product inside its case and the case within the shipping box before it is sealed.

If the item we receive does not match the description provided when you initially submitted it through our online inquiry form, we may need to adjust our valuation accordingly. We retain the right to retract our offer and decline any item at this stage.

Should you wish to have your equipment returned to you, there will be a fee of £12 associated with this service to cover packing and shipping costs.

How do I get extra help with my trade-in?

Contact our sales engineers via the email in your order confirmation or email